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Frequent Questions

Below are some of the more frequent question we first hear.H. Charles Smith - Attorney At Law

Q. What are your fees?
A. This depends on the facts of the case and the criminal history of the parties involved.

Q. Will I have to go to jail?
A. If you are convicted, there are many alternatives to county jail, depending on the case.

Q. Will I have to go to court?
A. If it is a misdemeanor, no. If it is a felony, you are required to appear.

Q. What is the difference between felony and misdemeanor charges?
A. A misdemeanor is a less serious offense with a maximum of 1 year in county jail. A felony charge may require a state prison term. Note: it is possible to have felony charges reduced to the lesser misdemeanor charges.

Please call our office for more specific answers to these and any other questions you may have.... at no charge to you!

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